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The North Star Capital Fund, LLC is designed to produce exceptional yields through strategic construction lending. Our investor contributions are secured by California real estate at conservative loan-to-value ratios. Earn high, reliable above-market returns through a fund that supports expansion of the housing infrastructure in California.

California continues to experience a housing shortage. Even during the COVID19 crisis, there has not been any slowdown in demand for new construction and residential rehab projects seeking funding. Including projects that were halted during shelter-in-place orders which now, as a result, require additional funding to complete, we are seeing loan requests from even stronger sponsors than we had seen pre-COVID - people who cannot rely on banks in this climate or who just want to keep their cash reserves liquid.

The reality of California's housing market:

  • Development in the state has not kept pace with new home construction demand. This has been true every year since the Great Recession of 2008.
  • Bay Area housing supply has failed to keep up with its ever expanding job growth.
  • To date, Northern California has rebuilt less than half of the roughly 20,000 homes lost to fires in 2017 and 2018.
  • The state needs to build 3.5 million new housing units by 2025 to account for the backlog in unbuilt homes, a figure highly unlikely to be reached.
  • California builders and remodelers are in need of capital for their projects. Just as in 2008, during the downturn caused by COVID19, banks have already instilled more restrictive guidelines and pulled back on their lending. Private capital rescued the real estate industry through 2008 – 2014. Those who participated earned millions in returns. A similar opportunity exists today.

A few of the many reasons to invest with The North Star Capital Fund, LLC:

  • An exclusive fund positioned to leverage the capital needs of the current California housing market, with a long term perspective to the changes ahead
  • Zero "legacy" or non-performing loans in the fund
  • A management team enriched with the rare combination of construction lending and real estate development experience. No other similar fund offers this level of expertise and shrewd talent.
  • Flexible investment strategies for accredited and approved investors

The North Star Capital Fund, LLC is managed by North Star Capital Group, LLC